About mail art challenges

I would like to invite everyone to join the mail art challenges, who is creative and loves mail art:) Regardless of age,sex,religion,race,sexual orientation etc…Let’s build a community where everyone respects everyone:)

I even have a greater idea. Why not combine creativity, challenges and doing something good?

There will be a challenge once a month as a starter. Each challenge will have a theme and some restricitons, which will be uploaded under “blog” tab. (e.g.: use only the color of purple and yellow).

The works made for each challenge will be sent to different kids, adults, elder people who are suffering from severe diseases so we will give them as many smiles as many letters they receive. Inside the envelope if you wish (absolutely optional) write a small note to the receiver and/or place a small gift.

Read below the description:

  1. Read about the current challenge under “blog” tab.
  2. Write me an e-mail to micu [at] park-info [dot] hu or micupeace [at] gmail [dot] com if you would like to participate and I will send you the address of the current receiver via e-mail and answer your questions if you have any.
  3. Make a mail-art before deadline  (envelope, postcard, piece of stationery whatever you feel like to decorate)
  4. Once you are done take a picture (any size) of your work and send it to one of my e-mail addresses.
  5. Check out the already handed piece of arts at mail-art gallery.
  6. After deadline has ended wait for an e-mail from me asking for voting. Choose the one you like the best and send your vote to one of my e-mail addresses.
  7. Winner gets to decide the next theme of the next mail art challenge.
  8. Mail your work to the person to whom we are giving smiles with the current challenge.
  9. Have fun:)


Any suggestions, feedbacks are welcome!
Peace and Love and Art:)

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